Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club

The Fast CAT tests are now open! Download the premium by clicking here:

Fast CAT Premium

PVGRC will hold our annual Fast CAT events on November 20 & 21, 2021 at the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company in Walkersville, MD, near Frederick, MD. This will be the fourth year we have held a Fast CAT. Due to COVID, the functioning of Fast CATs has actually improved. Exhibitors run their dogs twice during a specified time window which greatly increases the efficiency of the overall event. The Walkersville VFD site is easy to find and features easy access to places to eat, a large, paved parking area and indoor restrooms. It is by far one of the best venues for Fast CAT events in the area.

We have reserved 10 slots for PVGRC members working at the November 20 & 21, 2021 Fast CAT events. Please contact the test chairman, Nick DeCesare at kiowagold@gmail.com as soon as possible to confirm your requests for test entries. Club members’ dogs run first thing in the morning, freeing them up to work at the test. We cannot guarantee runs if we don’t know you are planning to enter.

Because we have lost a number of members who regularly work our Fast CAT we have a serious need for volunteers to staff this event. The 2021 PVGRC Fast CAT tests are one month away and we are in desperate need of volunteers. As of October 20th we have two volunteers on Saturday and two volunteers on Sunday, and these members also have dogs to run. The positions are simple and the only requirement is to show up and be helpful to our exhibitors. You can access a description of all of the worker jobs by clicking here:

Fast CAT Jobs

You can sign up online using the link to Google sheets below. The tests are run concurrently which is much more efficient. Last year we started at 8AM and we finished around 1:30PM. 

The link to the Google Sheets sign up is: 

Google Sheets Worker Sign-Up

Fast CAT events are filling in minutes after opening because of the online entry systems and the popularity of the sport. Any club member who wants more information on Fast CAT and what it is and how it works may contact the test chairman.