Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club

Dear fellow PVGRC members,

As of this date (9/30/2023) the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club Fast CAT weekend (November 18-19) is less than eight weeks away and counting. The event is now open for entries, and will close on November 9, 2023. The two day event will be held at the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Department, about two miles north of Frederick, MD. The Walkersville VFD features a large paved parking area adjacent to the flat, level field where the dogs run the course. There are multiple fast food locations near the Walkersville VFD.



You can enter the events by going to  SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN RACING - Home. If the event is not yet listed, wait a couple of hours and try again. It is expected to open this evening.

Since 2018 our Fast CAT weekend has become a major source of revenue for our club.

Our 2022 Fast CATs attracted an average of about 87 dogs with most entered twice with two runs each day and earned about $3,000+ in profit after expenses for our club.

 But we can’t hold these events without your support. We can always use volunteer workers, even if they can only help one day for a couple of hours. We also need four club members to volunteer to serve as test committee members.

A Fast CAT starts at 8:30am with club members running their dogs first. Then our guests run their dogs under the new format (two runs in an hour) and we normally finish around 1:30pm. Remember this is an outdoor event in November so please dress for the weather.

Important member note: If you have a dog(s) entered please notify the test chairman, Nick DeCesare at kiowagold@gmail.com. Member workers will run their dogs first thing in the morning and I have to let the test secretary who those members are.  So, PVGRC members who have not contacted me and are planning on entering should contact me ASAP so that I can put them on the PVGRC competitor member list so we can reserve their run(s).

Thanks in advance for your support!

Nick DeCesare

Your humble Test Chairman