Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club

PVGRC’s Annual Fall TD/TDX test was held on 11/12/23 at Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area, specifically in the area known as Cockerham Youth Camp Area, Elkton, MD.

Judges for this year’s test were Ray Desmarais and Stephanie Crawford.   Volunteer Tracklayers, cross tracklayers and flag carriers were on site on Saturday 11/11/23, to plot and walk the tracks.

Weather was perfect, as it was sunny and in the 50s both days, with winds of 5-10 mph.

On Sunday, TD exhibitors arrived for the draw for tracks at 7:30 a.m.

Track 1 – Bloodhound did not pass, took a deer cross track before the last turn.

Track 2 – Alaskan Klee Kai did not pass, had difficulty on the 1st leg.

Track 3 – Bassett did not pass, found the “deer poop” on the first leg more inviting than tracking.

Track 4 – Dachshund … PASS, did a great job, never faltering from following the track to the glove at the end.

20231112 TD pass Dachshund Resized

TD Pass …. (left to Right) Judge Stephanie Crawford, Laurie Ermentrout and Dachshund Gussie, Judge Ray Desmarais, and Tracklayer Cher Snyder

Dachshund ….. Caroussell Gussie Go Round, MI RI FDC NAP NJP SWN CGC TKN ATT FITB and owner/handler Laurie Ermentrout can now add TD to their list of accomplishments.


TDX draw for tracks was at 9:30 a.m.

Track 1 – Golden Retriever … PASS, had some trouble on the last turn, but was able to work it out, and successfully find that final article.

Track 2 – Havanese, did not pass due to taking the cross tracks.

Track 3 – Golden Retriever, did not pass; overshot a turn on the next to last leg, and was unable to find the next leg of the track.

Track 4 – Clumber Spaniel, did not pass; made it through the 1st set of cross tracks on leg 2, but was unable to find the turn to the 3rd leg of the track.

20231112 TDXpass Golden Resized

TDX Pass …. (left to Right) Tracklayer Matt Fetrow, Judge Stephanie Crawford, Susan Palius and Alistair, Judge Ray Desmarais

Golden Retriever …. Lycinan Gracie's As Time Goes By CD BN RE TD TDU JH WC VC and owner/handler Susan Palius can now add TDX to their list of accomplishments.

PVGRC is very grateful to the club members and the Tracking Community who volunteered as Committee members and Workers at our Annual Fall TD/TDX tests at Fair Hill.   Without the help of these avid Tracking folks, this event might not have occurred.   Please remember to “THANK” those individuals who contributed their time and “tracking feet” to this event.

Club Members: Sharon & Clayton Kilrain, Cher Snyder, Pat Kavanagh, Marie Bennett, Kimberly Knox

Tracking Community:   Nancy Skinner, Elsie Vickery, Matt Fetrow, Alice Moyer, Jennifer Ward, Clara Robbs, Tom Shar

Marge Paulding

Test Chairperson/Secretary