Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club

The PVGRC Board has passed the following motion:


The PVGRC Board resolves to make a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study in Memory of Rodger Armstrong, a PVGRC member for more than 37 years, a long-time volunteer and chairperson of the GRCA WC/WCX committee, and an avid competitor and proponent of all events, especially field, agility, and tracking. Rodger inspired many to participate in activities by offering his time to mentor and teach others. 

Ann Strathern moves, Gwyn Jones seconds

Aye: Ann, Gwyn, Suzanne Miller, Clayton Kilrain, Pat Kavanagh, Amy Brown, Tina Moran, Ken Weidel, Molly McEvoy

No abstentions, no nays.

The Motion passes unanimously, June 10, 2021