2024 PVGRC WC/WCX and Pee Wee Hunter/Veteran Stakes Entry

You have several choices as to how to enter the 2023 PVGRC WC/WCX and/or the Pee Wee Hunter/Veteran Stakes:

1. You can do it all online by continuing with this form. At the completion of the form, you will also be able to pay the entry fee online via PayPal using your preferred payment card.

2. You can enter online using this form but pay your entry fee offline by sending a check by US Mail or an alternative delivery service (UPS, FedEx, etc.). Near the bottom of this form, you will be able to select your preferred method of payment (PayPal or check).

3.  You can enter entirely offline by printing out the entry form for either the WC/WCX Test or the Pee Wee Hunter/Veteran Stakes, filling it out, and sending it and a check to the address indicated on the entry form. You can download the forms for WC/WCX entry and Pee Wee Hunter/Veteran Stakes by clicking the buttons below:

Please continue with this form to enter the 2023 PVGRC WC/WCX and/or the Pee Wee Hunter/Veteran Stakes online. You can leave this form and go to the premium list by clicking here:

2024 WC/WCX Entry Form