Hap Arnold Award

The Hap Arnold Good Sportsmanship Award is a prestigious recognition presented to a member of the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club (PVGRC) who has demonstrated selflessness and contributed significantly to the club and the advancement of the sport of dogs. This award celebrates individuals who prioritize the collective interests above personal gain.

Remembering Hap Arnold

For those who did not have the pleasure of knowing him, Hobart Sloan Arnold, affectionately known as Hap, was one of the founders of PVGRC and held a Lifetime Membership in the club. Hap’s passing in August 1994 left an enduring impact on the community.

He achieved the distinction of finishing his first Golden champion, Rebel, approximately 50 years ago. Throughout his involvement, Hap served PVGRC in various capacities, including Club President, Specialty Secretary, and Specialty Show Announcer. He generously acted as a Conformation Ring Steward on numerous occasions and served as the official Statistician for the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) for over 20 years.

Even during his declining health, Hap stepped forward as the Chief Conformation Steward for the 1994 Eastern Regional Specialty when no one else could. His dedication to the sport of dogs and unwavering commitment to Golden Retrievers earned him the respect and admiration of the community.

The Hap Arnold Good Sportsmanship Award

To honor Hap’s memory and recognize individuals who embody his spirit and dedication, the Hap Arnold Good Sportsmanship Award is presented annually. This award serves as a tribute to Hap’s remarkable contributions and the values he exemplified.

Past Award Recipients

2022 – Molly McEvoy

2019 – Ann Strathern

2018 – Sharon & Jeff Ackerson

2017 – Karen Shumaker

2016 – Beth Sokohl

2015 – Rita Bumgardner

2014 – Debbie Barrows

2013 – Andy Moore

2012 – Bill & Marie Huffman

2011 – Cher & John Snyder

2010 – Marge Paulding

2009 – Laurie Collins

2008 – Bob Kurtz

2007 – Sharon Albright

2006 – Sue Armstrong

2005 – Rodger Armstrong

2004 – Janice Benge

2003 – Nick DeCesare

2002 – Dan & Carol Lewis

2001 – Leslie Peszczynski

2000 – Joann Rice

1999 – Robert Bunge

1998 – Sharon & Clayton Kilrain

1997 – Bob Crowley