What Is An Associate Membership In PVGRC?

Before renewing your annual membership in PVGRC, please read the following information about Associate Memberships in PVGRC.

An Associate Membership allows members who do not have the flexibility to attend meetings and who are not concerned about being able to vote or hold an office, to renew their membership for a lower fee.  The Associate membership was created for  the categories of folks described above and the Associate members do not count toward our quorum requirements, since they do not vote.  This is important because AKC rules require that we need a quorum of 20% of our voting membership present in order to vote on officers, vote on a budget, amend the  bylaws, and conduct some other business.  It is very often impossible to get a quorum at meetings because it requires almost 40 people, under our current membership.

Associate members have all privileges of the Club, including Awards and Rosettes, except voting and holding office. Associate members may serve on committees and serve as chairs of committees.

Single Associate membership costs $25 this year, as opposed to full single membership, which is $30.  Family Associate membership is $30, and full family membership is $35.

 Please consider the above as you renew your membership. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2024.

Thank you.
The Board