Location: Rover’s Content – 1200 Cherry Tree Crossing Brandywine, MD 20613

Judges: Judy Gladson and Chris LeBel

Submitted By: Leslie Darragh, Test Secretary
Photographer: Bryan Bennett

Baby Puppy Stakes

3 months to under 6 months

  1. Lycinan Crime Scene At Darby Hill “Kenzi” – Carol Dunn
  2. Blenbrier’s Beginners Luck “Obi” – Ross Niedermeier
  3. Milltowne’s Turns The Table “Sadie” – Betty Dust & Mario Cilia
  4. Milltowne’s Turn The Page “Paige” – Betty Dust & Mario Cilia

Junior Puppy Stakes

6 months to under 9 months

  1. Jazzin’s Up In The Stars “Archer” – Elissa Knoff
  2. Jazzin’s Sit Up And Take Notice “Julia” – Beth Sokohl for Collette Jaynes
  3. Argos Hold On Cowboy “Buc” – Sandy Ziemski
  4. Jazzin’s Pump Up The Volume @ Online “Blare” – Beth Sokohl for Sandy Selander
  5. Jetoca’s Win Lose Or Draw “Bree” – Sandy Ziemski

Senior Puppy Stakes

9 months to under 1 year

  1. Nautilus N Highlight Cold Cold Heart CGC TKN “Chilly” – Patrice Lovds
  2. Lycinan Birdland’s Legend “Brooks” – Janice Cornell

Junior Veteran Stakes

8-10 Years

  1. Happydaugh’s Pathfinder NA NAJ NF FCAT JH WC “Scout” – Sharon DeCesare

Senior Veteran Stakes

Over 10 Years

  1. CH Victory It’s Outta Here BN JH WCX “Brady” – Sandra Bulger
  2. Happydaugh’s Clearwater Revival UD MH ** CCA – Leslie Darragh
  3. Kiowa’s Linc To The Past JH WC “Linc”