Golden Retriever Grooming Tutorial



Goldens may be shown with whiskers, and of course their whiskers are of great importance in hunting and other performance activities, so it is entirely up to you whether you wish to trim them, or leave them on. Or, you may do a combination of trimming only the crooked or heavy whiskers, and leaving the finer ones. If I were not showing the dog, I definitely would not trim them. Really good lighting, or daylight is needed to see what you are doing.

Step 1

Facing the dog, holding the muzzle with one hand, and using one finger to pull the flews slightly towards you will make the whiskers stand straight out. The dog cannot “hide them” with this method!

Then, use your blunt nosed scissors, very close to the skin and being very careful to go under the short hair of the face, trim the whiskers from the back toward the front, each individually.

Step 2

The very fine whiskers around the nose, and under the chin are also trimmed, but these may be trimmed carefully with your regular straight shears if your dog is steady, otherwise continue to use your blunt end scissors.

These whiskers can be trimmed straight across and even with the coat (without doing individually).

Step 3

Trim the whiskers along the lip line as well as by the throat, eyebrows, and on the cheek near the ear.