Renewing Your PVGRC Membership

You must renew your membership in PVGRC each year. Renewal and payment of associated dues (if any) are due by March 1st, 2024. After that date, renewal for 2024 is subject to permission from the treasurer and/or president of PVGRC. If you are a prior member of PVGRC and would like to reinstate your membership, please contact our membership chairperson at

In order to renew your membership in PVGRC, you must fill out the membership renewal form for the applicable calendar year for which you are renewing, and also remit the required annual dues. If you are a Lifetime Member, please only complete the form; no annual dues are due.

Before you renew by any method, please read the article about Associate Membership, and decide what type of membership is right for you.

If you wish to renew online, click on the online renewal link below and complete the form online. Upon completion, you will be taken to PayPal, where you can pay online to complete your renewal.

Information about being an associate member or an associate family member is contained in a short document. Click the button to the right to view it.

You can submit your renewal either via U. S. Mail or online. If you wish to do it by mail, please click the download link below, print out the downloaded form, and mail it along with a check to the address on the form. You can also scan it and email it. See the instructions on the form. If you mail it, please include a check made out to PVGRC for the amount of the membership type you are renewing. If you email it, you will then need to make an electronic payment via PayPal. See the instructions on the form for PayPal payment.

You can complete your membership renewal entirely online. If you select this option, you will be taken to a new page that has been pre-populated with your current account information. You may make changes to your contact information, club interests, membership type, and the like. When you click “Submit”, you will be taken to PayPal where you can pay with any major credit card. You do not need to be a PayPal registered user to use their credit card processing, and there is no additional charge to you for using this feature.